vineri, 8 august 2014

                                                     RELAXATION OF A MOTHER

              When you're mother probably relaxation is a luxury for many of us and yet we need a little relaxation to be fresh all day. 
Every mom needs a relaxing oasis own! So no matter how busy we would have to find something or to create something to relax us. To say a few points that could bring us some peace for us, namely:
         .1 Create your own relaxing space in the house!
                      - you can choose a corner of your room to put a chair and a table, a few books or magazines that you like, some scented candles, a vase with flowers (aromatherapy) helped me a lot.
                      - if you garden would be more ok, to admire the sunrise at a little coffee or a cup of tea. (10 min., But to know that you relax)
          2 Make a short walk!
                       -if the four walls of the house irritates you, do not hurt 't choose a half hour to get to a park or forest like in my case, just you and your thoughts.
           3 Make a hobby!
                       - think of an activity that you like or a class that you've always wanted to do it and sign up! Experts recommend especially painting and pottery because they are activities that combat stress!
           4 Go to massage or beauty salon
                     -I think any woman would like to be beautiful, so it does not hurt to go and lounge;
                     - if you do not sit well with the money you make yourself beautiful home 10 haste, but whatever.
          5 Weekly sets a meeting with friends or exit outdoor family
                     -go out with friends or family to a barbecue, a pool is a very good stress therapy. Dating and visits help you have a very good tone. You cheer and relax, you're filled with energy and optimism.
           6 Do sport
                   - sport has the effect of relaxation and energy to load up long term. If you're not passionate about activities that involve a lot of effort, you can choose lighter training that focuses more on harmonizing the mind-body relationship, like meditation or yoga.
                   - We also maintain and silhouette sport or make us lose weight and help in health.

               I say it is a nice topic and help us in this busy life and would like to know which is your oasis of relaxation? 
              I for example relax in a hot bath tonight with aromatic oils and flowers or listening to music on the swing in the yard. 
                                                 Waiting for opinions, kisses!

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