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                                                                      SER - ARGAN OIL HAIR 


               Quantity: 100 ml; 
               Manufacturer: Charm 
               Price: 22.99 USD

         CONTAINING: -is made by pressing fruit argan tree Argania Spinosa in Morocco;
                                                 - does not contain parabens;
            THEY SAY: - moisturize and make hair shine, disciplining brows; 
                                           - repair damaged hair and prevents hair splitting
          IN MY OPINION: - my dear I can say that oil is magnificent, I adore; 
                                           - 3-4 drops of oil anoint all you get to your hair; 
                                           - important is that you load the hair, don 't let the fat it really moisturizes and restores shine and arrange brows, no need to comb it 10 times a day; 
                                           - still an important point at least for me: every summer I had to go to the hairdresser to cut my split ends, now I have no peak splitting, which are extremely excited; 
                                           - the texture is light and silky, does not irritate skin; 
                                           - transparent color; 
                                           - because pompitei he has not put in hand than that you need and how important is that it flows; 
                                           - has a discreet and pleasant smell and the packaging or gives a hint of delicacy and a curiosity for the try.
         USAGE: -it apply 2-3 drops in the palm and is distributed on dry hair throughout its length; 
                                - product not rinse.
        NOTE: 10  worth trying, I assure you will not be sorry. I will remain a fan of this product from Farmec.
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