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                                                       REVIEW: GEL CONCEALER ASLAVITAL 
                                                                         (From FARMEC)

Quantity: 15 ml 
Manufacturer: Aslavital ( Farmec) 
Price: £ 23

COMPRISING: - clay natural organic Goji extract, peptides and Ferulic Acid: 
                            - without parabens and contains no alcohol: 
THEY SAY:        - is a concentrated gel, rich in active principles and repairer corrective effect on dark circles and bags under the eyes: 
                           -peptide complex deep acting increases elasticity and firmness, skin density, improves microcirulatia periocular skin restoring its natural appearance;
MY OPINION: - is a easy to apply, because pompitei he has, you have to press it only once in each eye and gives you the exact amount;
                           - does not irritate the eyes, and the application gives you the feeling of refreshment;
                           - transparent gel texture;
                           -not sticky and absorbs quickly and leaves your skin smooth;  
                            -the smell is very discreet;
                           - i have no major problems with dark circles, but I have seen a small decrease them, but said they had not passed 28 days of testing, and yet to me is visible;
HOW TO USE: - apply morning and evening to clean skin around the eyes;
                           - visible effects occur after 28 days of treatment, but to treat dark circles and bags under the eyes is used at least 56 days, so the product is perfect, definitely will get to finish treatment;
MY NOTE: 9,50      worth trying
You what do you think, have you used before? What can you recommend to test the Charm? We kiss!

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