marți, 22 iulie 2014

                                                             MASKS PHYTOKERATINE REPAIR

        REVIEW: Masks phytokeratine repair.
                                                                                        Quantity: 200 ml
                                                                                        Manufacturer: phytokeratine
                                                                                        Price: 25 euro

Comprising: - amino acids and hyaluronic acid high and low molecular weight, contains butter oil cocossi plus  keratin regenerated plants botany.
They say: - leave hair looking shinier and healthier
                          - Improved buckthorn extract has protective properties against sunlight and free radicals.
My opinion: - it is a good product, makes hair shiny and it becomes feeds
                                  -shows a neat
                                  -makes it become more flexible
                                  -fix hair.
                                  easy-gel texture, easy to apply
                                  - Has a pleasant smell, feels coconut
Usage: - Apply it on wet hair for 5-10 minutes, rinse well with water after acre.
My grade- 9 because I used it for a week and probably after some time seen even better results.

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