miercuri, 23 iulie 2014

                                                    LIFE AND DREAMS 

Today I chose a theme about life and dreams because we allowed to dream, or when dusk or be the day when we want to fulfill some desires, which often call them dreams.
            Life often seems complicated because of problems everyday, but if you dream of something beautiful, life becomes easier. I think all we have dreamed of - a field of flowers which was so beautiful and peaceful, not ever come to wake up. I'm what you dreamed tonight?
          As everyone and I dream of the day to fulfill my desire to have his own violin and learned to play it, because it seems that life gets more beautiful by music.Se say that violin is very God, and other tools are his angels.

I have dreamed to have a nice family (a husband to love me, respect me and behaved and beautiful children), and that I was fulfilled. What have you dreamed and you have met? 
   Sometimes all we've been through problems that have left deep wounds, but we must fight, to spread our wings and fly because time heals even if scars remain. 
We call them memories!

To fulfill our dreams and good times to be alone, but to have someone beside you to help you, it's much easier, because if you fall, someone will rise and will guide you on the path that you I want.
Life is like the waves of the sea, moments of peace and quiet moments of darkness and sorrow. Then you must be ready to face the waves. It's okay if you fall, get up and become stronger, be proud that you stood storm. 
In conclusion, everyone has ups and downs that had to learn, but to start each morning with a clear head, telling you "It will be a good day!"

My dear I hope you liked this article and I hope your feedback., And say that was the most beautiful dream of the night and one of your desires. You Kisses and wish to stay in a relaxing bath and beautiful dream!

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