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                                   Reparative Shampoo PHYTOKERATINE 

                   Today we will talk about the shampoo and mask Repairmen from Phytokeratine. 

                            REVIEW: Reparative Shampoo Phytokeratine
                                              -Quantity: 200 ml 
                                              -Manufacturer: Phytokeratine           
                                              -Price: 11,25 euro
Comprising:-keratin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides which restores hair. 

They say: - moisturizes, softens and give hair shine 
In my opinion:
                            Since I tested it I can say that they have dreptate.A next day I wake up with antennae on the head, so arrange individual strands. 
                              - Moisturizes and softens hair, I am much more soft and silky. 
                              - No loading washing hair, plus a small amount lathers well you scalp.
                              - Easy-gel texture, easy to apply, then wash quickly, do not wait a half hour you rinse.   
                               Has a very pleasant smell and relaxing, if you close your eyes you feel like you're at the spa. 
                              - Over other shampoos in my case after 3 days my fat hair, silky hair that resist week (tested).  
  My note: 9.5 is worth the money.
                               This company is medalist in France d'Or Votre.
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